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Leading logistics company in the US

Welcome to Moon Star Express LLC, where we take pride in being your trusted and leading full-service logistics company. Our main office is in Belleville, MI and we cater to all-size businesses nationwide.

Founded in 2006 by Sukhi Narwal, our president, who visioned delivering cost-effective, exclusive, and outstanding logistics services while creating employment. Our dedication to providing excellent service is a direct result of our president’s passion for the industry and his wealth of experience of over 15 years.

Till now, our company has become the cornerstone in the logistics landscape, serving innumerable businesses and earning their unwavering trust. Our dedication to exceptional services has earned us recognition from the Big Three Automobile Manufacturers in the United States. Moreover, we are awarded with the General Motors North American Supplier of the Year, three times in a row.

Our 400+ valuable personnel are the backbone of our business, who are working together to ensure your logistics operations run smoothly. To further enhance our capabilities, we have acquired two terminals in Michigan and are actively expanding to fortify our commitment to creating employment.

We do not just move your goods; we move your business forward!

Come join us like the others as we strive for logistical excellence and make a difference in the industry.

Our guiding principles

Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to deliver seamless, reliable, and innovative logistics solutions to businesses like yours while maintaining quality standards. We are dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes, streamlining their supply chains, and contributing to their economic growth.


Our vision is to foster business relationships by offering cost-effective but excellent services while creating new job opportunities. We are committed to expanding our capabilities to ensure we meet your business requirements and create employment for the public.


Moon Star Express is built on trust and reliability. We want to ensure the greatest possible environment for our employees and the best service for our clients! Hard work and dedication to the craft are what we expect of every Moon Star Express employee.

Our Story

Proudly serving for over 18 years and counting

Year 2006

One truck and one big ambition

After working as an owner-operator for several years and in various enterprises, Sukhi Narwal decided to start his own business that embodied his vision. Eventually, that vision became Moon Star Express’s cornerstone, and it remains unchanged and serves as our compass even now.

Our president devoted years to meticulously gathering and organizing all the required documents, independently steering the process to formalize his ambitious vision. In 2006, he successfully registered the company and introduced a new truck to augment the growing fleet of his newly established business.

Year 2008

Full-time Commitment

Before the onset of the Great Recession, our founder worked as an owner-operator, simultaneously cultivating relationships for prospective business endeavors. Through years of dedicated effort, he amassed a network of clients and connections. This growth enabled him to fully dedicate himself to the business and concentrate on its operations.

Year 2009

First Expansion of the Fleet

The expansion of our clientele entailed an increase in responsibilities, workload, and opportunities. Over the past year, our team has grown from a single individual to 25, and our fleet, which initially consisted of two trucks, has expanded to 21.

Year 2010

The First Terminal

As our team and fleet continued to grow, the need for a dedicated site became paramount. This led us to acquire our first terminal in Belleville, MI, where we centralized our truck operations.

Year 2012

Second Expansion of the Fleet

Our reputation for delivering high-quality services attracted a surge of new clients, and we found ourselves presented with additional opportunities to showcase our capabilities. To uphold the standards of our services and successfully handle a growing number of projects, we expanded our team by hiring 50 new employees. Furthermore, we bolstered our fleet by incorporating 35 trucks and 45 trailers.

Year 2017

Cross the Number 100

2017 marked a significant milestone for Moon Star Express, doubling both our manpower and fleet. By the end of the year, our team had surpassed 100 employees, and we owned over 100 trucks and 180 trailers.

Year 2018

A New Site and More Services

The diligent efforts of our president bore fruit as he successfully forged strong relationships with prominent brands. The flow of new clients, each presenting unique demands, propelled us forward, laying the groundwork for the expansion of our service offerings. In 2018, we achieved significant growth, enhancing our business by establishing a new terminal in Flint, MI, alongside the addition of a warehouse and cross-dock facility. This strategic expansion further solidified our position in providing comprehensive and top-notch logistics solutions.

Year 2019

Another Addition to the Fleet

In tandem with the introduction of new services, we have welcomed new team members to our workforce and expanded our fleet with the addition of 20 trucks and 50 trailers. In 2019, our team comprised over 125 drivers in total, and we owned more than 120 trucks and 230 trailers, fortifying our capacity to provide comprehensive logistics solutions.

Year 2020

Corporate Office

Moon Star Express LLC moved to its corporate office location in Belleville, MI, after its long-awaited journey. We also expanded our fleet with new trucking equipment and raised it to 145 trucks and 280 trailers.

Year 2021

Pandemic and First Recognition

Against all odds, Moon Star Express stood by its clients during the global pandemic, maintaining unwavering support. Instead of chasing lucrative opportunities, we remained committed to our principles, providing contracted support with dedicated service and competitive rates.

Our commitment and resilience were recognized when General Motors, one of the largest automakers, awarded us the title of the North American Supplier for the Year 2021. To ensure the continuation of this honor, we strategically expanded our fleet by adding more than 30 trucks and 50 trailers. By the end of that year, Moon Star Express LLC boasted a fleet of over 175 trucks and 330 trailers, solidifying our position as a leader in delivering logistics excellence.

Year 2022

Back-to-Back Recognition

With our team efforts and excellent services, we again received an award from General Motors, the North American Supplier of the Year 2022. We became one of the leading logistics companies in North America, and to make sure we fulfill our clients' growing logistics needs, we fortified our fleet. That year we owned over 210 trucks and 400 trailers.

Year 2023


With time, we polished our services and the way we dealt with businesses. As a result, we successfully completed our hat-trick by achieving the North American Supplier of the Year 2023 award from GM. So far, our fleet consists of over 260 trucks and 500 trailers, and to manage our growing business we have an excellent team of 400+ hardworking individuals.

Year 2024

Completed 18 Years of excellent work journey and moving forward!

Thank you for bieng a part of our success journey!

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Why choose us

Reasons for choosing us

Prioritizing Customers

Our motto “Never Say No,” reflects that our customers are always our priority. We can even go the extra mile to understand and meet your specific logistics needs.

Safety first

Before everything else, we prioritize your cargo safety. We comply with rigorous safety standards to ensure secure transportation, giving you peace of mind.

Quality of service

We take pride in delivering first-rate logistical solutions. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to uphold the highest quality standards, ensuring your shipment reaches its destination seamlessly and on schedule.


We are more than simply a logistics company; we are problem solvers. Regardless of the difficulty, we always come up with innovative solutions designed to your specific requirements.


What our clients say about us

Moon Star Express has amazing customer service and delivers to their mission. The company is organized, punctual, and respected.

Zizi Makki

Amazing company and people to work with , up to date equipment.
High safety standards!!.

Nasir Goraya

Highly recommend this business! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. You are in good hands when you choose Moon star express. Excellent customer service. Professional service.


The company I work for uses Moonstar Express to ship our expensive and fragile machinery and they always do a great job. Great to communicate with and they are quick to respond to emails. They offer great rates as well! Looking forward to working more with this company in the future.

Heather Diesel

Our president

The man behind Moon Star Express


The very first truck Sukhi Narwal drove throughout 48 states, after being appointed as a student driver.


After working for 2 years as a company driver, he bought his first truck to work as an owner-operator. Specialized in whole-produce logistics, he drove this truck throughout California.


He bought a new truck the next year and drove it throughout California for three years, specializing in whole-produce logistics.


After moving to Michigan from California, he worked as a company driver and drove this truck for an entire year.


The iconic Moon Star Express first truck, that Sukhi bought intending to start a logistics business that aligned with his visions.

Moon Star Express LLC embodies the vision of Sukhi Narwal, a seasoned logistics driver with over 15 years of industry experience. His journey commenced in his early 20s when he migrated to the United States with the aspiration of realizing his life goals in 1993. Initially, working at local stores, farms, and even factories to make a living in a foreign land, Sukhi’s trajectory shifted as he transitioned to delivering pizzas and pursued truck driving classes.

Within a month, Sukhi acquired his license, marking the beginning of a transformative journey. As a student driver for six weeks, he quickly progressed, gaining the opportunity to drive a truck by the third week, traversing all 48 states.

In 1995, Sukhi took a significant step by purchasing his first truck, specializing in whole produce logistics. This marked the commencement of a period where he drove his truck primarily in California until 2000, ultimately selling it before making the pivotal move to Michigan. After relocating, he transitioned to driving a company truck for the next three years, further honing his skills and expanding his knowledge within the logistics industry.

From there, Moon Star Express’s story unfolds as our president, Sukhi Narwal, diligently works to achieve his business goals.

Today, we stand as a three-time award-winning and leading logistics provider in the United States. From the humble beginning of one truck, we have grown exponentially to have a fleet of over 260 trucks and 500 trailers. The team has expanded from a handful to over 200 workers in less than a decade, a testament to the collective dedication of the hardworking individuals that constitute our workforce.

And all that started with one man’s vision—our president and founder, Sukhi Narwal.

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