Environmental Mission

Moon Star Express Environmental Policy / Initiatives​

At Moon Star Express conservation and continuous improvement of the environment is a priority. We strive to develop and operate an environmental management system that sets high standards on pollution prevention, resources preservation and legal compliance.

We expect every employee and contractor to adhere to this policy and help reach our goals by:

  • Continually and effectively improving our environmental performance.
  • Complying with and surpassing standards required by the applicable environmental ordinances.
  • Fulfilling all environmental requirements prescribed by the company.
  • Promoting sound environmental policies and practices within the company.
  • Setting and reviewing environmental objectives.
  • Conserving resources and maximizing energy efficiency.
  •  Minimizing waste wherever practicable.
  •  Reusing or recycling waste where appropriate and regulating the treatment and disposal of residual waste.
  •  Reducing and preventing pollution where possible.
  •  Minimizing vehicular emission of pollutants.
  •  Minimizing adverse environmental impacts of asset decommissioning and disposal.
  •  Enhancing environmental awareness of colleagues and contractors.
  •  Advocating good environmental practices on both departmental and individual levels; 
  •  Effectively communicating our environmental performance to stakeholders.
  •  We will protect the environment, including preventing pollution, through responsible management of our operations; Will give appropriate weight to this environmental policy when making future planning and investment decisions; we will purchase products to reduce their adverse environmental impact in transportation; We will reduce consumption, waste, and pollution in our operations.
  •  Will ensure adherence to our established environmental management processes through periodic internal and external audits. Engagement and Transparency.
  • Will raise employee awareness and support employee creativity and enthusiasm concerning implementing our environmental policies, guidelines, programs, and initiatives; We will continually promote environmental awareness, responsibility, and best practices and support our company’s environmental sustainability culture through education and in-house initiatives to reduce our ecological footprint.
  •  Will report transparently on our internal performance through our company website and Smart Way
  • Will comply with or exceed our environmental obligations, including taking a proactive approach regarding ecological legislation that affects our business operations.
  • Will set targets and objectives, within the scope of the environmental management system, to achieve continual improvement and sustainable development.
  • Will establish and periodically review and report progress on objectives and targets to pursue continual improvement in our environmental system to enhance our environmental performance and ongoing prevention of pollution.
  • Will minimize the environmental impacts of our operations through best practice management of our use of energy, transportation material consumption, water use, waste, and emissions; We will encourage suppliers, subcontractors of our services to adopt the same environmental principles as Crum Trucking, Inc.
  • Will consider our suppliers’ environmental performance and the environmental attributes of products and services in our purchasing decisions.
  • Examples of Initiatives taken are:
    • Purchasing fully electric semi trucks
    • Purchasing natural gas powered refrigerated trailers
    • Purchasing trailers with side skirts reducing drag and fuel consumption
    • Purchasing tractors with longer fender skirts to reduce distance between truck and trailer for better drag coefficient
    • Working with ONE H2 trucking company on natural gas/ hydrogen powered vehicles
    • Installing APU units in all tractors to minimize idling
    • Exploring Blackburn energy products to install to completely turn off idling and reduce emissions

This policy has been approved by Moon Star Express executive directors and board. It will be reviewed, and if necessary revised, annually to keep up to date and will be released on our company website. We welcome interested parties’ comments on the enforcement of the policy and the policy itself.

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