We offer Efficient Logistics or Freight Brokerage Services

Even while operating at full capacity, Moon Star Express LLC’s Logistics Brokerage Service ensures a smooth logistics operation. We are an industry intermediary that focuses on sending shipments to our vast network of reliable logistics partners, which includes other businesses and individual owners and operators.

Making sure your cargo is handled by competent parties all along the supply chain is our specialty, and we excel at managing logistics when your businesses are operating at full capacity.

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    Key Features

    Discover the exceptional advantages of our brokerage services

    Comprehensive Network

    Take advantage of our extensive network that links you to a variety of dependable carriers. By leveraging the assets of our partner network, we aim to efficiently transfer your freight through appropriate routes.

    State-of-the-Art Equipment

    Our state-of-the-art technology is just one more way that we are dedicated to efficiency. With our cutting-edge technology, we speed and secure outsourced shipments by optimizing the logistics brokerage process.

    Real-time Tracking

    Through our continuous tracking system, you will have transparency and control. You can see where your outsourced shipments stand in the supply chain at any given moment and gain other valuable insights about them.

    Reliable On-time Delivery

    Punctuality is still our top concern, even when we outsource logistics. By partnering with reliable couriers, Moon Star Express guarantees that your shipment will arrive at its destination on time.

    Around-the-Clock Availability

    Our track record of punctual expedited cargo delivery has earned the trust of businesses across all industries, demonstrating our steadfast dedication to dependable service.

    Ready to Go the Extra Mile

    Choose Moon Star Express for a partner who goes beyond the ordinary. Our commitment to excellence extends to going the extra mile, ensuring that your logistics brokerage experience is not only efficient but also exceeds expectations.

    Logistics Brokerage Service From Moon Star Express LLC
    Why choose us

    Why Opt for Moon Star Express in Logistics Brokerage Services?

    By partnering with Moon Star Express, a logistics outsourcing management expert, you can rest assured that your logistics brokerage needs will be met. Beyond the realm of ordinary brokerage, we demonstrate our commitment to accuracy, dependability, and efficiency, which is particularly important when your operations are running at full capacity.

    If you want a dependable and well-managed method to include outsourced logistics in your supply chain, you can trust us to do it.


    What our clients say about us

    Moon Star Express has amazing customer service and delivers to their mission. The company is organized, punctual, and respected.

    Zizi Makki

    Amazing company and people to work with , up to date equipment.
    High safety standards!!.

    Nasir Goraya

    Highly recommend this business! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. You are in good hands when you choose Moon star express. Excellent customer service. Professional service.


    The company I work for uses Moonstar Express to ship our expensive and fragile machinery and they always do a great job. Great to communicate with and they are quick to respond to emails. They offer great rates as well! Looking forward to working more with this company in the future.

    Heather Diesel

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    Even while operating at full capacity, Moon Star Express LLC’s Logistics Brokerage Service ensures a smooth logistics...

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